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So i have now entered the third (and supposedly last) year of my PhD…..often i think, ‘Why the hell am i doing this’? ‘am i mad or masochistic’??! It all gets more difficult as time goes on and i keep panicking about all the work i have to do in this last year.  I seem to be getting increasingly grumpy and short-tempered, usually while at university, always the small things (un-called for paperwork, getting lab access, petty staff feuds, slightly negative comments) seem to cause these angry outbreaks!  I  think i have two main things getting me through; my good friends and also my creative streak.  The creative streak has re-emerged during this last year after a long time being mostly dormant.  Unfortunately this also means that when i get stressed i have a need to go to my zen place….the craft shop.  Of course when in the zen place i almost always have to buy something to increase my calm!

The creative streak has led me to make cards and to experiment with other papercrafts, then a friend got me in to jewellery making (which i find less zen due to fiddly bits), i have also been trying out knitting and sewing.  I have started  an etsy shop (which i have recently gotten fed up of due to a lack of stats) and this blog.  One of the things i’m really enjoying about the creative streak is the doodles and drawings i’ve been doing.  A lot of the ideas for these have been around for a while in a note book.  Since discovering alcohol inks and the refillable pen i’ve been using these to add colour to my doodles…love it 🙂

Anyway, while my waffle has not really answered why i’m doing a phd…it certainly answers why i craft!

Hmm, positive points about the PhD =

1. I get to go ‘backstage’ in museums

2. I get to analyse skeletons which i love doing (not morbid or anything)

3. I get to explore a specific research area that (supposedly) no-one else knows as much about 🙂

Anyway tomorrow i’m going to London for a week, to analyse skeletons at the Natural History Museum…should be cool!

Hope everyone out there is having a lovely weekend.