Making a new birthday card

Posted: 09/24/2011 in Crafting with Sam
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So i need to make a card for my Grandmother’s birthday at the end of this month.  I thought i’d share.  I started with a blank A5 cream card, which i then coloured with distress ink.  I love distress ink, even though i only have 4 of the colours i still seem to use them for everything!  I then used a piece of patterned card stock and a gorjuss girls topper to make the main decoration of the card.

I then felt the need to decorate the card with something else, i almost used some die cut paper flowers, but decided the colour match wasn’t good enough.  I then had a poke through my ribbon collection and decided to colour in a white trim (Tim Holtz ideology) with the blue distress ink.  I then needed a bit of darker blue on the flowers of the trim so i used a darker blue alcohol ink.  I dabbed a little of that on with my sponge and i think it came out quite well.  I then added a happy birthday message topper, which also got the ink treatment as it started off a lilac colour.

all it needs now is an insert and an envelope….now if only i could think what to get her for a present!

  1. handustry says:

    Mmmm, for grandparents, I still think the best gift is to be with them. If possible, have your grandma share some memories with you, or maybe you could be baking or cooking together. Nothing fancy, just something nice.

    In these times where everyone is too busy (me included ;-), presence and sharing have become precious gifts.

  2. I love this! Seeing it makes me want to go back to making cards myself. I was never any good at it, mind you, but I enjoyed the process.

    I’d been contemplating it for the last week or so, actually. My two-year-old was picking at something, which I quickly discerned was the last card my mom made for me. Seeing something she’d put together despite the pain that must have accompanied the making filled me with such love. It’d be neat to inspire something like that, whether now or many years down the road!

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