Doodle mania!

Posted: 09/22/2011 in Art & doodles
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I thought i’d write a little about the process which leads to my doodles/drawings.  The current latest doodle started off as a spiral, which then developed some more swirls around it…..this was entirely unplanned.  I decided it sort of looked like a cute creature, the doodle continued with a smaller creature underneath, then lots of waves.  The waves took some time and then i decided to add in another character which i already had…i tried to make him so hes hiding. Can you see him?? 🙂  I’m thinking these creatures may develop into a story of some kind, or other images.

How many creatures can you see?

  1. handustry says:

    Stopped counting after 6. There’s at least 6 creatures I can see there. They are quite alive.

    Maybe it’s a doodle for you but I find it quite artsy. Have you considered selling these?

    I think your character is hiding at the bottom right. Am I right ?

  2. Thanks, i’m glad you like it. I am quite pleased with this one and i agree it has turned into more of a drawing! I’m working myself up to selling these, maybe as prints, cards etc. Just pondering the logistics of it all when i have time 🙂
    I can only see 5! The character i was thinking was the little demon type chap, his head is at one end and the tail pokes out behind a wave 🙂 he will be appearing in other doodles. Just goes to show that different eyes see different things. I’m going to have to check my original to have another count!

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