So, i’ve been following the blog posts of Tim Holtz for some time, I love his style and techniques.  Anyway, this month I decided to take part in making one of the ‘tags of 2012’  so here it is.  This must be my favourite technique and I can’t wait to use it on other things 🙂  check out the technique at


So I’m still here

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So I’ve not posted on here for ages :S for anyone still out there and following me, i’ve been trying to focus on finishing my PhD.  This has not left me much  time for doodling or crafting lately.

Anyway, I’ve completed around 56,000 words and have around 17,000 still to write!  So hopefully when this is all finished I’ll have more time for crafting etc.  Wish me luck!

New(ish) art

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So i thought i’d show you my newest doodle/art.  I’m trying to build up my doodles with the idea of maybe selling prints or cards from them….

Check out my other blog

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So i’ve been too busy to post on here lately, with my usual logic i have started another blog

mainly i’ve started  this due to the lack of etsy people on here 🙂 anyway, check it out and give my other blog some love!

Tags i have made while feeling creative!

Stress alert! Zen and the art of crafting.

So i have now entered the third (and supposedly last) year of my PhD…..often i think, ‘Why the hell am i doing this’? ‘am i mad or masochistic’??! It all gets more difficult as time goes on and i keep panicking about all the work i have to do in this last year.  I seem to be getting increasingly grumpy and short-tempered, usually while at university, always the small things (un-called for paperwork, getting lab access, petty staff feuds, slightly negative comments) seem to cause these angry outbreaks!  I  think i have two main things getting me through; my good friends and also my creative streak.  The creative streak has re-emerged during this last year after a long time being mostly dormant.  Unfortunately this also means that when i get stressed i have a need to go to my zen place….the craft shop.  Of course when in the zen place i almost always have to buy something to increase my calm!

The creative streak has led me to make cards and to experiment with other papercrafts, then a friend got me in to jewellery making (which i find less zen due to fiddly bits), i have also been trying out knitting and sewing.  I have started  an etsy shop (which i have recently gotten fed up of due to a lack of stats) and this blog.  One of the things i’m really enjoying about the creative streak is the doodles and drawings i’ve been doing.  A lot of the ideas for these have been around for a while in a note book.  Since discovering alcohol inks and the refillable pen i’ve been using these to add colour to my doodles…love it 🙂

Anyway, while my waffle has not really answered why i’m doing a phd…it certainly answers why i craft!

Hmm, positive points about the PhD =

1. I get to go ‘backstage’ in museums

2. I get to analyse skeletons which i love doing (not morbid or anything)

3. I get to explore a specific research area that (supposedly) no-one else knows as much about 🙂

Anyway tomorrow i’m going to London for a week, to analyse skeletons at the Natural History Museum…should be cool!

Hope everyone out there is having a lovely weekend.

So i need to make a card for my Grandmother’s birthday at the end of this month.  I thought i’d share.  I started with a blank A5 cream card, which i then coloured with distress ink.  I love distress ink, even though i only have 4 of the colours i still seem to use them for everything!  I then used a piece of patterned card stock and a gorjuss girls topper to make the main decoration of the card.

I then felt the need to decorate the card with something else, i almost used some die cut paper flowers, but decided the colour match wasn’t good enough.  I then had a poke through my ribbon collection and decided to colour in a white trim (Tim Holtz ideology) with the blue distress ink.  I then needed a bit of darker blue on the flowers of the trim so i used a darker blue alcohol ink.  I dabbed a little of that on with my sponge and i think it came out quite well.  I then added a happy birthday message topper, which also got the ink treatment as it started off a lilac colour.

all it needs now is an insert and an envelope….now if only i could think what to get her for a present!

Doodle mania!

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I thought i’d write a little about the process which leads to my doodles/drawings.  The current latest doodle started off as a spiral, which then developed some more swirls around it…..this was entirely unplanned.  I decided it sort of looked like a cute creature, the doodle continued with a smaller creature underneath, then lots of waves.  The waves took some time and then i decided to add in another character which i already had…i tried to make him so hes hiding. Can you see him?? 🙂  I’m thinking these creatures may develop into a story of some kind, or other images.

How many creatures can you see?

Welcome to my blog

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Hello, I have started this blog, partially to promote my etsy shop (please have a look) and also to express myself online through my doodles!  So please have a nosey and follow me 🙂 i will be posting about making crafty things and i will also post my doodles.